Displacement Sensors for Measuring Distance, Position & Thickness

Bestech Australia provides both non-contact and contact distance measurement sensors to suit a wide range of applications, from automation, condition monitoring, and research applications. Displacement sensors measure distance, displacement, position, and they can be engineered to design an automated measurement system that can measure height, thickness, and dimension. Our displacement sensors provide high-precision and wear-free measurements with extremely high accuracy and reliability. They are available in a wide measurement range from 0.03 micrometers to 3km to suit different measurement requirements.

The non-contact laser triangulation sensors offer high accuracy and reliability and are commonly used for automation projects. High-precision sensors, consisting of confocal sensors, capacitive sensors, and white-light interferometers are suitable for R&D and nano positioning due to their capability to measure down to sub-nanometer resolutions. These compact sensors can also be integrated into OEM products. Eddy current displacement sensors are suitable for industrial measurement as they withstand harsh environments and can be easily integrated into OEM machinery.

Bestech also has contact displacement sensors such as potentiometers, rubber displacement sensors, draw wire sensors (string pot) and lvdt transducers. These compact sensors can also be easily installed into the difficult-to-access area and can be easily customized. Therefore, they are also ideally used for condition monitoring, test bench, manufacturing applications of high-volume or OEM products.