Signal indicators / conditioners

A signal conditioner enables the technique of making a signal from a sensor suitable for processing by a data acquisition system. It allows the conversion of one type of signal (electrical or mechanical) to another.

These instruments perform the function of signal conversion, linearization, amplifying, filtering, electrical isolation and interfacing.

  • Signal Conversion: Signal conditioners perform the main function of picking up a signal and converting it to an amplified signal.
  • Linearization: Some signal conditioners perform linearization, which is used to reach higher accuracy of measurement.
  • Amplifying: Amplifying is performed by either increasing the signal to noise ratio or increasing the resolution of the input signal. Such applications are used as isolation amplifiers, instrumentation amplifiers etc.
  • Filtering: Filtering is an important function of a signal conditioner where the signal frequency spectrum is filtered to include only the valid data while blocking noise.
  • Smart functions: As an added benefit, the signal conditioner offers extra functions of signal evaluation and data processing. This feature helps to evaluate and monitor warnings via an electrical switching output.

Signal conditioners take the analog signals from the sensors, amplify it and send them to the analog-digital converter for further processing. These high-accuracy low-cost digital panels are commonly used to display a wide range of parameters.

The range includes high frequency, DIN rail, portable (handheld) or Bluetooth multichannel amplifiers for strain gauge, strain gauge sensors and load cells; smart LVDT signal conditioners, IEPE signal conditioners. A range of isolators and convertors to change from one to another electrical parameter are also available.

Signal conditioners are suitable for protecting signal circuits against high-frequency coupling. It protects the equipment and personnel from dangerous voltages, and fields circuits in the event of a failure, such as a short circuit. Signal conditioners ensure the equalization within a channel, so all combinations of current sources, voltage sources and current sink to be realized.