VIDEO EXTENSOMETER | Non-Contact Measurement based on Digital Image Correlation

The non contact video extensometer consists of a state-of-the-art optical measuring system that is controlled by the Mercury RT software. The video extensometer conduct measurement based on the digital image correlation technique. This testing method is ideal for testing and determination of material properties, component testing, FEA validation, vibrography analysis as well as measurement at high-temperature environment.

The non-contact video extensometers offer significant advantages in comparison with other conventional extensometers. As it does not directly affect the the specimen, it is possible to measure under extreme conditions such as in high or low temperature chamber. Users can also conduct measurement and testing until the sample breaks. This allows them to detect necking and conduct analysis on strain distribution. This system is also not limited to fixed measurement ranges and reference lengths.

The Mercury RT video extensometer also offers multi-camera setup that can be easily upgradable. The camera can compensate for lens-distortion, users perspective as well as out-of-plane movement.  This modular system also allow users to only purchase the parts they need with the option for upgrade should the requirement arises in the future.