Alternative & Renewable Energy

Invest in and production of renewable energy in Australia has undergone substantial growth over the years. It is estimated that Australia produced 29,678 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of renewable energy electricity (or equivalent) over the year ending December 2012, representing 13.14% of the total production in Australia. Of all renewable electrical energy sources in 2012, hydroelectricity represents 57.8%, wind 26%, bioenergy 8.1%, solar PV 8%, large-scale solar 0.147%, geothermal 0.002% and marine 0.001%; additionally, solar hot water heating is estimated to replace a further 2,422 GWh of electrical generation. Similar to many other countries, development of renewable energy in Australia has been encouraged by government policy implemented in response to concerns about climate change, energy independence and economic stimulus [Wikipedia]. 
Renewable & alternative energy refer to hydro power, wind power, solar, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal energy, solar water heating, solar thermal power, geothermal energy, wave power, biofuels… Bestech Australia carries a comprehensive range of Renewable Energy products that allow trainees to increase their understanding of the limitations and practical applications of green technologies. Our trainers provide hands-on training by allowing personnel to conduct tests and adjustments on modern field equipment.