Sensors & Instrumentation

Bestech Australia supply a wide range of industrial sensors, instrumentation, data acquisition system and testing equipment  for testing, measuring and monitoring physical parameters such as displacement, position, height, thickness, pressure, temperature, vibration, acceleration, strain, force, torque, profile, colour and  texture.  Our sensors and data acquisition system are ideally suitable for engineers and contractors working in the area of Industrial R&D, Automotive, Metal Industry, Automation, Defence & Military, Mining, General Manufacturing, Energy & Renewable Energy, Food & Beverage, Water/wastewater, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Pulp and Paper, Construction, Road, Rail & Transportation.

Our sensors are suitable to be used as stand-alone or part of a complete system. They can be used in wireless sensors system for structural health monitoring applications or telemetry system for wireless measurement on rotating parts. The sensors are factory calibrated to provide high precision and reliable measurement results. A wide range of sensor designs are available to suit different measurement applications such as food-grade load cells, underwater accelerometer, miniature sensors, cryogenic sensors and many more.