Strain Gauges

Strain gauge is a sensor used to measure the strain in a structure or a material by means of measuring the change in resistance. The gauge can be bonded or glued to an object such as metal, plastic, wood, composite materials or can be embedded into concrete or mortar to measure strain on the surface. The gauge is grid-shaped metallic resistive foil type, which is available in a wide range of grid shapes and gauge sizes to suit a variety of applications. It is constructed by forming a grid made of fine electric resistance wire or photographically etched metallic resistance foil on an electrical insulation base and attaching gauge leads.

Our strain gauges have been widely used for physical strain, stress, torque and force measurement in marine, aircraft, civil and mechanical engineering applications as well as in architecture, automotive testing and medical science. These strain gauges have their own limitations in temperature/ humidity, fatigue, the amount of strain, materials tested. These must be taken into considerations to select the appropriate strain gauges to achieve the best possible results.

Bestech Australia supplies wide range of strain gauges such as foil, waterproof, weldable, mold, magnetic, bolt, frictional and gauges for strain measurement in wide range of applications, including measurement in extreme temperature conditions such as cryogenic or high temperature, measurement on special surfaces such as concrete, mortar, composite and asphalt, crack propagation measurement and general strain measurement in research and industry.

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Strain Gauges Overview