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  • DSF series: High endurance strain gauges
  • DSF series: High endurance strain gauges

    The DSF strain gauges are designed for high stress fatigue test application. Designed from special grid alloy with polyimide backing, they are capable of measuring over 10 million times at a strain level of 3000 x 10-6 strain. The gauges are also available for cyclic loading test of composite materials. The DSF gauges are not self-temperature compensated.
    Operating temperature: -60oC - +200oC
    Applicable specimen: Metal, composites
    Temp. compensation materials: N/A
    Temp. compensation range: N/A
    Strain limit: 10000 x 10-6 strain
    Gauge patternModelGauge length (mm)Gauge Width (mm)Backing length (mm)Backing Width (mm)Resistance (Ω)
    DSFLA series 2 - 528 - 113.2 – 3.3350
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