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Brand Name Description


Universal measuring instruments, data acquisition systems and sensor systems.

Alliance Sensors

H.G.Schaevitz LLC Linear and rotary position sensors are for many different applications for measuring linear and angular positions

ANCO Engineers Inc

Structural Vibration Testing and Educational Shaker Table


Automotive Training Equipment for Technical and Vocational Education


An innovative company specialized in design and manufacture of Wireless Sensor Networks on the fundamentals of Ultra Low Power Wireless Networks & High Accuracy Wireless Sensors


Measure & Test devices – Press fit, force, displacement curve analysers, ohmmeters, Calibration instruments, Electrical, Thermal and Mechanical, Decade boxes, Sensors and Electronics for Production control


Force Gauges, Torque Gauges, Test Stands & Force Testers


Manufacturers of educational training system to meet the teaching and training needs for vocational schools in the area of automotive technology


Polymer Test Instruments – Melt Flow Indexers, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) test instrument, Density Gradient Columns&Friction Testers


Contact type capacitive displacement sensor, Data Acquisition System

Elsys AG

High speed Data Acquisition system

Encardio-rite Electronice

Geotechnical, geophysical, groundwater and structural engineering instrumentation for measurement of pressure, displacement, settlement, inclination, tilt, stress, load & providing world-leading vibrating wire sensors with IP-68 protection& testing certificate

Fluid Power Training Institute

Fluid power training systems, hydraulics and pneumatics simulators and trainers, cutaway models, textbook, CDs & DVDs presentation, interactive teaching & learning programmes


Prescale pressure distribution film & mapping system

Furness Controls

Ultra low range differential pressure measurement & calibration, Pressure decay leak detection,Laminar flow meters, Air and gas velocity and volume flow measurement


Differential-pressure transducers & calibration equipment for air and non-aggressive gases

Hampden Engineering Corporation

Industrial training equipment, custom panelboards, electrical power distribution systems for educational training; Motors and motor controls, process systems, industrial maintenance, PLC, Air conditioning and refrigeration, green technologies

Hi-Volt Tekno Products

High Voltage test and measuring equipment. Designed for higher degree educational institution for research, testing and experiments.


Inertial Labs is a designer, developer, and manufacturer of position and orientation tracking systems based on the combination of inertial sensors with a variety of other sensing technologies

IMC Test & Measurement GmbH

IMC Test & Measurement develop tools, software and data acquisition systems to empower engineer in meeting the challenges for test and measurement in development and productivity testing

Innovative Technology Products

Technical training system, data acquisition system and simulation software for CBT electronics / communications, Radar/EW and Sonar system

Jinan TE

Universal Test Machine (UTMs), Hydraulic Tensile & Compression Testing, High-Force Electromechanical Testing Machines&Impact, Fatigue & Creep Testers


Pressure Capsules, Pressure transducers, Digital Pressure Transmitters & Digital Pressure Gauges, Recording Digital Manometers, OEM pressure sensors, Remote data acquisition system for wastewater monitoring

Laurel Electronics

Digital panel meters, electronic counters, signal conditioners for industrial measurement and control

Lloyd Instruments Ltd

Materials Testing Machines, Force Measurement Instruments, Polymer Test Equipment and Texture Analysers


Torque rotary & stationary, force, multi component force/ torque, test benches


High temperature sensors for measuring vibration, shock and pressure in extreme environments. PE, IEPE, VC and Piezoreisistive accelerometers, PE and Piezoresistive Pressure transducers, Microphones, Calibration system, Electronics. Servo inclinometers and shakers


Force sensors, torque sensors, multi-axis and multi-component sensors for measurement of force and torque, high temperature load cells, belt load cells, miniature load cell, bluetooth data acquisition system


Non-contact video extensometer based on digital image correlation technology and high-end analysis software for structural health monitoring and research applications.


Contact & Non-contact Displacement Sensors, Lasers triangulation, Capacitive displacement sensor, confocal sensors, Eddy Current, Inductive Sensors, LVDTs, Draw Wire, Infrared temperature sensors, colour sensors, automated thickness measurement system, 2D/3D profile measurement system such as laser profile scanner and optical micrometer

MMF Metra Mess- und Frequenztechnik

Vibration measuring equipment including piezoelectric accelerometers, charge amplifiers, vibration calibrators and machine monitoring equipment

Nida Corporation

Performance based technical training systems focusing on the training of electricity, electronics and electro-mechanics that are suitable for conventional classrooms, laboratories, distance learning programmes and blended learning training environment; These training systems have been supporting TAFE, post-secondary technical, University, military and industrial training programmes throughout Australia


Continuous and Point Level for Liquids, Point Level for Powders

P.A. Hilton Ltd

Engineering teaching equipment covering topics like Structural STATICS, Mechanisms and Theory of machines, Strength of materials, Steam, Renewable energy, Forces & Friction, Propulsion, Combustion, Heat transfer & Refrigeration, Air flow & aerodynamics as well as Air-conditioning trainers

Pignat SAS

Educational training equipment in chemical engineering, water treatment, environment, heat exchanger, fluid and pumps, bio-industry, bioprocesses, control, automation and industrial control. Customised pilot plant unit for research and development.

Precision Filters, Inc.

High precision signal processing, Voltage Filter/ Amplifier Systems

Proeti SA

Laboratory testing equipment for control and testing of construction materials used in civil engineering works such as concrete, cement, asphalt, steel, rock, aggregates and soil.


Fiber-optic accelerometer, displacement sensor


Leak testing for flexible packaging

Silicon Designs

Capacitive Accelerometers


Cost effective simulation for training heavy equipment operators in Consutruction, Mining, Forestry and Material Handling.


Turn-key system for training and diagnosis in Machine Vibration Analysis, Rotor balancing and Shaft/ coupling alignment


Mobile calibration system, shaker system, structural testing devices

The Fredericks Company

TrueTilt™ electrolytic tilt/inclination sensors & switches, signal conditioning boards, inclinometers/tilt instrumentation, ON/OFF and tilt switches, MEMS inclinometer and the V-PRO vehicle predictive rollover system covering a range of measurement solutions from arc seconds to 180°

TII Technical Education System

Integrated technical training system for Electrotechnology, fluid power, industrial automation and Mechatronics


Data Acquisition, strain gauges, strain gauge type displacement, force, pressure and acceleration

Turbine Technologies Ltd

Educational laboratory equipment for teaching engineering and technical college students via observation of thermal, fluid mechanics and mechatronics system. Trainers include turbo engine laboratories, jet engine cutaway, fuel atomisation and wind turbine

Validyne Engineering

Customised solution for pressure measurement, signal conditioning and data acquisition in industrial automation, military, aerospace, oil and gas industry.

Watanabe Electric Industry

Digital panel meters, Graphic multimeters, Signal converters

Wilcoxon Sensing Technology

General use accelerometers, high temperature, seismic and underwater accelerometer as well as vibration monitoring system