Load Cells

Load cells measure and convert force into measurable electrical output. They are generally composed of a spring element on which strain gauge are deployed. They are available in various forms such as miniature single point, compression, compression and tension, bending or shear beam load cells and force transducers. For measuring forces such as hear force, tension force, press-in force, rope force, spring force, roll force, actuating forces, hand force, assembly forces, tablet press, riveting, clinching, stamping, drawing, pressing tools, impact measurements, crash testing, punch, screws preloading measurement, force determination of Bowden wire and belt tensioners, Multicomponent transducers are used. These force sensors are also employed for solar wing control, material testing, load and tension measurement as well as weighing modules.

A Load cell is constructed using electric resistance metal foil strain gauge bonded to a spring material at points of maximum strain as the measuring element to convert force into a proportional electrical voltage. As the measuring signal obtained is very small, the strain gages in the central sensing area are wired in the form of a full Wheatstone bridge to increase sensitivity.