S Type & Centre Hole

S Type load cells are suitable to use under conditions of Compression and Tesion that also known as S Beam Load Cells or Z Beam Load Cells. S-type load cells are widely used in hanging-scales, hopper-scales, or some areas need to measure compression or tension forces in a line. Some compact constructed models are well suited for testing tasks in quality assurance and material testing for industrial process and research laboratories.

Central hole load cells are designed for applications require the measured force to pass through the sensor. Such applications include force measurements on bolts, screws, plate and cover fasteners, spot welding machines, cutting tools and overloads monitoring. A wide capacity ranges up to 500kN to 2MN are available while miniature through hole models load range can be as low as 0-5N.

Loadcells using strain gauge based technology are used to measure physical properties of compression, tension, bending or shear.

S Type & Centre Hole Overview