Angle-Tilt sensors

Bestech Australia offers a wide range of angle and tilt measurement sensors with innovative, proven and tested technology. Our tilt sensors can measure from arc seconds to 180° with high accuracy  of 0.0003o. We offers MEMS-based inclinometers, electrolytic tilt sensors as well as tilt switches for use in a wide variety of applications from laser levels to seismic monitoring to medical devices.

Our tilt measurement sensors offer high accuracy measurement at a low cost. They are ideally used for applications that require a durable product and miniature design. Our tilt sensors have been used in many industrial applications such as in RV leveling, construction vehicles, laser leveling, mobile satellite antenna positioning, and geotechnical and structural monitoring. They are also designed to last for years in harsh industrial environments. We also offer custom design solutions to meet your tilt measurement needs.