Data Acquisition System Analysis, Control & Data logger

Data acquisition systems are products or measuring systems for collecting signals such as voltage, current, pressure, temperature, bridge, and many more from sensors and transducers and converting them into machine readable signals for processing and analysis in the computer. Complete measurement systems consist of sensors for measurement of physical parameters, data acquisition hardware (daq hardware) for signal conditioning and processing and computer with compatible software for post-processing and analysis of data.

Bestech Australia offers a wide range of data acquisition systems that are compatible with almost all types of sensors and transducers for testing and measurement applications in the industrial environment. For instance, We supply measurement hardware and software from IMC that include compact and robust data acquisition and analysis with high channel count for measurement and capture of mixed signals and CAN-based measurement system for mobile applications in automotive, transport and railway industry. For high speed and dynamic testing, we also supply modular high speed measurement system that can provide maximum sampling rate of 240MHz in multiplexing mode. It is suitable for ballistic and military applications such as during projectile testing. Our range of data acquisition systems also include handheld and portable daq system, usb data acquisition system and data logger for temperature data logging and laboratory testing applications as well as handheld strain gauge data logger, fibre optic interrogator for fbg sensors and wireless data acquisition for structural health monitoring applications.