Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensor is commonly used as part of monitoring system in the industry for measuring physical parameters such as fluid/gas flow, speed, water level, and altitude. A pressure sensor converts the physical reading into electrical signal to be transmitted and displayed on the computer. Typical applications of a pressure sensor are in air flow measurement, level measurement, weather instrumentation, OEM manufacturing and leak testing.

Bestech Australia offers a complete range of high quality, highest accuracy pressure sensors, including pressure transducers, pressure transmitters, differential pressure sensors, pressure switches, submersible pressure sensors, digital manometers, pressure film as well as IECEx certified pressure sensors for measurement in hazardous and explosive area. Battery operated data loggers can be integrated with pressure sensors for water level (pressure), temperature and conductivity data collection, and remote data transmission unit sending data to your email or mobile devices wherever you are. Our pressure sensors can also be used in area where space is limited, high temperature, high line pressure as well as high frequency  for dynamic applications.