Pressure Transmitters

Pressure transmitters are pressure sensors integrated with extra electronics to condition supply 4-20mA output signal for reliable transmission over long cables without significant drop in accuracy. The sensor output is transmitted to the control system. They are accurate sensing technology to ensure safety and reliable operations in your factory. With over 50 years of experience in pressure sensing technology, Bestech supplies pressure measurement solutions that can be integrated in challenging measurement applications in water & wastewater treatment, pressure sewage system, oil & gas, process industry as well as for mining applications.

Our wide range  of pressure transmitters include high and low pressure sensors, miniature pressure sensor for OEM and high volume manufacturing applications, high frequency pressure sensor for dynamic measurement, submersible, differential pressure as well as IECEx pressure transmitter for measurement in hazardous and explosive area. They can be used for measurement on both liquid and gaseous medium. Our pressure transmitters are also factory-calibrated for their application ranges and they are also compensated for fluctuations in ambient temperature.