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  • M8Cool HB | Ultra Fast Miniature Pressure Transmitter
  • M8Cool HB | Ultra Fast Miniature Pressure Transmitter

    The M8cool HB is an ultra-fast miniature pressure transmitter from Keller designated to measure both static and dynamic pressure with the highest prevision. The M8 Cool features a M8 pressure connection and is designed to enable excellent media compa­tibility and support measurements carried out at temperatures up to 1000°C when equipped with appropriate cooling. This is possible as the sensor is insensitive to shock and vibrations and the sensor head can withstand up to 200°C with up to 1000°C cooling. The M8Cool is also provided with Teflon FEP cable with IP67 ferrule that are extremely fitted for use in test benches.

    Key Features:
    • Measuring Range: 0-30 bar
    • 0.1% accuracy
    • Operating temperature: max 180°C without cooling, 1000°C with cooling
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