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  • New Coating Thickness Gauge for Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP)
    Bestech Australia announces the release of the new paint thickness gauge from Micro-Epsilon, ISC1000, which offers non-destructive measurement of coating and paint thickness on a non-electrically conductive substrate.  This paint thickness gauge operates based on microwave technology to allow a measurement of the total thickness of the insulating layer up… Read more »
  • Modes of Operations to Install Exciter for Structural Testing OperationsModes of Operations to Install Exciter for Structural Testing Operations
    While manufacturing a structure or equipment, modal testing is performed on the structure to test its dynamic characteristics. It is specifically done to verify the structural stability and endurance of the structure under stress and its physical properties. In the process, the relationships between frequency response functions and their individual… Read more »
  • The Importance of Calibration in Vibration SensorsThe Importance of Calibration in Vibration Sensors
    Vibration Sensors play a crucial role in protecting and monitoring a plant machinery or a structure. These measurements help in controlling the process control systems and make adjustments in a process environment. These sensors can be found everywhere including aerospace labs and automotive test bays, to smart structures providing condition… Read more »
  • How Structural Health Monitoring has Evolved over the Years?How Structural Health Monitoring has Evolved over the Years?
    A major part of a company’s revenue is invested in its infrastructure in the form of road and railway transport systems, bridges, wind farms, dams, ports, power and airports. Such structures have a tendency to deteriorate with time as their structural strength starts dwindling. This is because they are subjected… Read more »
  • An Overview of Vehicle Misuse Testing & How the Test Data is CollectedAn Overview of Vehicle Misuse Testing & How the Test Data is Collected
    One of the final stages of Vehicle Development, Misuse Testing is conducted before a vehicle is approved for mass production and released in worldwide markets. In these tests, various aspects such as acoustic, driving dynamic and aerodynamic behavior, crash safety and the structural durability of a vehicle are assessed.  A… Read more »
  • Effective Technique for CFRP Coating Thickness MeasurementEffective Technique for CFRP Coating Thickness Measurement
    Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) is most commonly used in OEM manufacturing of structural components of an aircraft such as wings, fuselage, ducts, panels, and fan blades or high-end automobiles including racing models. It produces significantly lightweight components as compared to steel and offers high strength and durability and adds… Read more »
  • High precision industrial thickness measurement systemHigh precision industrial thickness measurement system
    In industrial manufacturing, engineers design measurement systems to measure physical dimensions such as thickness on their manufactured products. Thickness is often the indicator that products are manufactured to the adhered standard. It also ensures that correct amounts of raw materials are being used to minimise waste in the process. Generally,… Read more »
  • Infrared Sensors for Metal Processing IndustryInfrared Sensors for Metal Processing Industry
    Temperature monitoring and control are crucial steps in almost every industrial manufacturing process, particularly metals. In the metal industry, the processing temperature needs to be controlled to ensure product quality. For example, metal processing industries install a monitoring system to consistently measure the process temperature in the blast furnace, rolling… Read more »
  • Texture Profile Analysis for Assessing the Quality of Meat ProductsTexture Profile Analysis for Assessing the Quality of Meat Products
    A consumer’s perception of meat is mainly based on its consistency, slicing properties, chewiness, juiciness, springiness and firmness. These factors can have a huge impact on the consumer’s decision to repurchase the product. Hence, quality control of meat products is given the utmost importance in the meat manufacturing process. Texture… Read more »
  • Texture Profile Analysis of Different Types of CheeseTexture Profile Analysis of Different Types of Cheese
    Among dairy products, cheese constitutes the largest proportion of overall volumes of production. Texture is an important indicator for evaluating cheese quality and functional characteristics, which is also commonly used to differentiate many varieties of cheese. It tells the manufacturers about the cheese freshness, ripeness, hardness, firmness, spreadability, flakiness and… Read more »