Electrical & Electrotechnology

As a leading provider of technical training system for vocational training in Australia, Bestech Australia supplies and manufactures an educationally sound electrical training equipment for electrotechnology that combine both theory and practice to achieve robust learning outcomes. Our electrical training system comprises of basic and advanced courses for training of electrotechnology technician as well as electrical panel with fault-insertion for capstone testing and assessment in electrotechnology.

Our comprehensive electrotechnology training equipment  assists teachers and lecturers in demonstrating the underpinning foundations of all electrical theory that are also extended to courses teaching refrigeration, instrumentation and electronics. Using our training system, you can deliver effective blended learning for competencies such as UEENEEE104A, UEENEEG101A, UEENEEG102A, UEENEEG006A  in Electrotechnology. More importantly, our lessons can be delivered as a stand-alone learning management system (LMS) or as SCORM-based lessons that can be uploaded into most current LMS.