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  • 710B – Computer-controlled electrical test panel with remote fault activation
  • 710B – Computer-controlled electrical test panel with remote fault activation

    The new Bestech 710B electrical testing, training and assessment panel complies with AS/NZS 3000:2018 that suits the assessment for both the current and previous electrotechnology training package. This new generation computer-controlled electrical panel particularly aids in the assessment of student competency in UEEEL0039.

    The panel can be locally or remotely controlled from the embedded web server. It is configured with 45 switchable faults across five major categories to ensure that different fault scenarios are available for each student. The new 10-inch touch screen control eliminates the need for external software and allows the instructor to apply faults to the panel without a PC connection.

    Multiple 710B testing panels can be simultaneously operated from one PC by utlising the embedded web server. The new development of this panel includes an alternative energy input and associated switchgear to test for correct isolation practices with multiple energy sources, such as solar and renewable energy.

    The panel can be delivered in either bench-mounted or full-height stand. Optional wall-mounted bracket sets are also available.

    Faulting Capabilities:

    • Open Circuit, Short Circuit & Interconnections
    • Polarity
    • Fault Loop Impedance
    • Earthing, and
    • Insulation Resistance Faults.
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