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Bestech carry a wide range of industrial sensors for measurement of physical parameters, instrumentation and data acquisition system as well as technical training equipment. Our constantly expanding product portfolio supports the full industry requirements for test and measurement, data acquisition as well as workforce upskilling.

Our products are sourced from world-leading suppliers and we offer full local technical support throughout the entire product lifecycle. Our company is also ISO9001 certified and we are proud to complemented our support with our own manufacture to deliver integrity, excellence for ultimate customer satisfaction.

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As leading sensors company in Oceania, we have establised close collaboration and partnership with the industry through delivering innovative and cost-effective high-end solutions to support the most demanding test and measurement requirements.

From industrial process automation, condition monitoring or quality control to advanced solutions capability in high-end military and aerospace testing as well as academic research.

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Laser Triangulation Sensors
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Client Testimonials

The School of Agriculture and Food (Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, FVAS) at the University of Melbourne purchased the Lloyd Instruments Texture Analyser TA1 in in 2017 and have been using the instrument extensively for research projects in the fields of Meat and Food Science.

The instrument and associated program (Nexygen) proved to be easy to use once it was configured and has provided consistent results with minimal errors. Writing on behalf of Professor Robyn Warner (Meat Science, School of Agriculture and Food) and Dr. Minh Ha, they would like to express their pleasure with the functionality of the instrument.

We would also like to acknowledge the support we have received from Bestech Australia Pty Ltd and especially Utsav Koirala (Applications Engineer), for setting up this system in our lab and for resolving any enquiries regarding operation and data collection in a timely manner.

Based on feedback from researchers and research students in the School of Agriculture and Food, the Lloyd Instruments Texture Analyser TA1 is an accurate and useful tool for experimental work (e.g., Texture Profile Analysis) in the Meat Research Centre, FVAS.Your Content Goes Here

Melanie Ho, Laboratory Technical Officer, The University of Melbourne

The School of Civil, Mining and Environmental Engineering at the University of Wollongong purchased the Mercury RT Digital Correlation System two years ago and have been using the system very extensively for research projects in Civil, Mechanical, Structural and Mining areas. Once set up and running, Mercury RT system is very easy to use, and we have found them to remove the need for strain gauging on many of our tensile test specimens.

We would like to acknowledge the support from Bestech Australia Pty Ltd we have received for setting up this system in our lab and for timely resolving all our enquiries regarding operation and data collection using Mercury RT.

I believe the Mercury RT digital correlation system is a very accurate & useful tool for experimental work (both tensile and compressive testing) in our labs.

Professor Alex Remennikov, Director, Centre of Infrastructure Protection and Mining Safety University of Wollongong NSW 2522 Australia

I would like to thank you and the team at Bestech Australia for providing exceptional service to the Smart Structures Laboratory at Swinburne University of Technology since 2010. Your personal commitment to meeting our customized requirements has ensured
the successful commissioning of this iconic facility and also completing many of our projects with a service that often exceeded our expectations.

You have become a trusted business partner since we started doing business together in 2010. Your enthusiasm for the products and dedication to providing us with timely and efficient solutions made the decision to choose Bestech Australia very easy for many of
our requirements. The key factors for choosing to work with you and Bestech Australia were your in-depth products and industry knowledge, dedication to our needs and specific requirements as well as your ability to supply us with innovative design solutions within our budget and time limits. Throughout the years we have appreciated the high levels of service you repeatedly provide.

We at Swinburne University of Technology are very satisfied customer and are looking forward to continuing our mutually beneficial business relationship in the future.

Professor Emad Gad , Chair, Department of Civil and Construction Engineering Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology
I have used the Bestech boards at both Holmesglen and The Gordon and found them to be a fantastic learning resource. The quick and easy set-up is ideal and we are finding that they are being used in units from 1st year to the students studying for their LET, LEP and SWP. They have also been great for Construction Wiring and Mandatory Testing.

We found that the students of all groups loved the practical experience of being able to test an installation without leaving the classroom.

As an Electrical Teacher with a bit of experience I would strongly recommend that you ask for Bestech to demonstrate the Test Boards.

Paul Curry, Electrical Teacher, The Gordon