Laser Profile Scanners

The laser profile scanners operate based on the principle of laser line triangulation to detect two-dimensional or profile of target objects. The laser profile scanners can be operated in stationary mode where bead and groove measurements are taking place by installing the scanner on a fixed unit looking at the moving objects.. It is also possible to generate a three-dimensional profile by means of traversing sensor or measure moving objects.

Bestech supply laser profile scanners from Micro-Epsilon which are amongst the highest performing non-contact sensor technology for detection of 2D/3D profile due to its superior accuracy and fast measuring rate. It can be easily integrated into the existing process via the available SDKs or the GigE Vision standard. Processed values can be directly transferred to the control system via Analog and Digital interface.

The scanCONTROL laser profile scanners are available in four different series; COMPACT, HIGHSPEED, SMART and HIGHSPEED SMART. The COMPACT and HIGHSPEED version of laser profile scanner transfer the raw measurement data to the computer through software integration for validation and evaluation while the SMART and HIGHSPEED SMART version features an intelligent processor to evaluate these profiles in the sensor itself. The HIGHSPEED ScanControl offers a measurement rate of 10kHz.The sensors can be configured through a user-friendly web interface that can be installed in any computers. The software is also programmed with special algorithm to measure variety of profiles, such as width, gap, depth, edge, groove, angle, flatness, deformation and many more.

This laser profile scanner is also available in blue laser diode for enabling measurement of red-hot glowing metals, organic and transparent objects with the highest precision. The scanCONTROL-BL operates at shorter wavelength which offers excellent focusing capability for measuring the smallest details. This opens up a wide range of engineering applications, such as in electronics manufacturing or medical applications.