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scanControl 29xx | High precision laser profile scanner

The scanControl 29xx is a compact and lightweight laser profile scanner with the capability to offer measurement with high profile resolution. The controller is integrated in the housing with simplified cable arrangement and mechanical integration. Multiple scanControl sensors can be operated simultaneously through the use of multi-function port for synchronisation. For example, one scanner can be switched off while the other is measuring.

The scanControl 29xx is also available with blue laser line with shorter wavelength. It is also available with small measuring range of 10mm which enable it to detect the smallest details with maximum precision. Example of applications where this profile scanner will fit in is robotics applications or electronic manufacturing.

Key features:
  • Measuring range : z-axis: 265mm ; x-axis: 143.5mm
  • Linearity: z-axis: ±0.1%
  • Pixel Resolution: x-axis: up to 1280 points/profile
  • Scanning Frequency: up to 10kHz or 2.56 million points per second
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