Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering teaches fundamental knowledge and develops students’ practical skills to develop economic ways of using materials and energy. Chemical Engineering students using our technical trainers learn to design, create and optimize the systems and equipment used in chemical, industrial and environmental processes that turn raw materials into usable products such as medicine, petrochemicals and plastics, especially on a large-scale, industrial setting. Technical trainers as well as curriculums to assist teaching and demonstrating the optimization of complex chemical processes and the environmental management of industrial processes as well as essential services like water delivery and pollution treatment are all covered or customized in our comprehensive laboratory proposals.
Teaching equipment for reactor analysis and predict reactor performance in Chemical Reaction Engineering involving plant processes and conditions management are crucial for students to understand the principles and process design to ensure optimal plant operation.
As for Materials Science, Bestech Australia offers a wide range laboratory equipment to assist higher educational programs or research projects for materials mechanical properties testing, hardness testing, impact testing, food texture analysis, melt flow indexer and density column for polymer testing, and more.