Advanced Calibrators for Precise Measurements

Sensors are calibrated on regular basis to ensure their reliability to provide accurate data. They are generally sent back to the original manufacturers or calibration laboratory for standardized calibration. Sometimes, the sensors cannot be sent back to the factory for various reasons such as extended delay in transportation, urgent requirement for sensors, etc. In such cases, a portable calibration system offers an easy, simple calibration solution and it requires a smaller amount of investment.

A calibrator is a device used to adjust the accuracy of an instrument to ensure that it performs as expected and meets quality standards. It allows the user to create, set, store and recall simulation profiles of an instrument to function with. The purpose of using calibrator is to ensure the accuracy of the outputs.

Bestech Australia offers extremely high accuracy, reliable and robust calibrators for the field and laboratory with long term stability. Provide calibration source for mechanical (force, torque, displacement, pressure, strain, acceleration, etc.) and electrical (voltage, current, thermocouples, temperature, and resistance) measurements. Our calibrators can be used to simulate outputs from various transducers, thereby simplifying troubleshooting, verification and calibration processes for test systems.