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scanCONTROL 30×0 | High precision laser profile scanner

The scanControl 30x0 laser profile scanners offer the best-in-class profile measurement with the capability to provide a measurement of 2D-profile dataup to 10 million points per second. It has a maximum measurement rate of up to 10kHz for dynamic measurement applications.

This advanced laser profile scanner can reliably detect fine details with a resolution of up to 1024 points per profile with a point distance of 24 µm and 2,048 points with an ultimate point distance of just 12 µm.

The scan control 30xx can operate in dynamic range mode which generates accurate results when used to measure inhomogeneous surface or rapidly moving objects. Users can choose between three measurement modes to suit their measurement requirements

  • High Resolution
  • High Speed
  • High Dynamic Range
Key features for scanCONTROL 30X0 laser scanner:
  • Measuring range : z-axis: 600mm ; x-axis: 788mm
  • Linearity: z-axis: 1.5 μm
  • Pixel Resolution: x-axis: up to 2048 points/profile
  • Scanning Frequency: up to 10kHz or 10 million points per second
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