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Strain Gauge training course

Strain Gauge Course – Full Day

Bestech Australia offers a full-day training course for strain gauges. The course combines both theoretical and practical knowledge required for technicians and engineers to correctly apply strain gauges for testing and strain measurement. This workshop covers the basics knowledge required to select the correct strain gauges, wiring and analysis skills to achieve the best possible results. The course schedule is flexible and can be customized to suit the needs of your organizational schedules.
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– Strain Gauge Basics

Gauge factorMaterial applicationsLead wire
Gauge selectionStrain directionPoisson’s ratio
ResistanceSize, Shape, PatternSelf-heating

– Strain Gauge Application (includes practical exercise)

Surface preparationProtective coatingChecklist
EquipmentSoldering techniquesCalibration

– Wiring techniques & error correction

1/4 Wheatstone bridgeLead wire compensation
Full Wheatstone bridgeError identification & Correction
2/3/4 Lead wire connectionTrouble-shooting


– Coffey Information

More training programmes on request.

Useful Reference Downloads:

Coefficients of Thermal Expansion Material/Coefficient Reference Table
Modulus of Elasticity Young Modulus for Some Common Materials
Resistance Wire Properties of Major Alloys

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