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New Color Sensors from Micro Epsilon, colorSENSOR CFO250


Bestech Australia introduces the new color sensor from Micro-Epsilon, the colorSENSOR CFO250. The new CFO250 also boasts a fast measuring rate of 30 kHz and offers a significantly faster measurement data output of up to 500 Hz. This offers an advantage for dynamic measurement applications besides the CFO100 and CFO200, which offer a slower measuring rate of 10kHz and 30kHz, respectively.

Color determination is evaluated internally in the intelligent controller by comparing the current value with the taught value via OK/NOK method. The results can be delivered with an output of up to 30kHz switching frequency. In addition, users can extract raw data in Lab or XYZ color spaces at up to 500 Hz and export them via UDP, RS232 or the USB interface. Through a simplified, binary 3-byte protocol, the data is forwarded directly to the PLC for further processing

The CFO250 controller also offers flexibility in providing data in a continuous or on-demand basis.  You can also control the duration and output frequency to manually select your data of interest.

The CFO controller is used in combination with CFS color sensor. The CFS color sensor is available in a wide range of sensor heads for monitoring fast processes, e.g. the monitoring of mixing processes such as granulates and powders or in quality inspection in filling plants.

Key Features:

  • Fast measurement output up to 500 Hz, formatted in XYZ color space
  • Triggered data output for further processing of the measured values
  • High color accuracy, numerous interfaces and intuitive operation

Datasheet CFO250- Fast True Color Controllers

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