Colour sensors from Micro-Epsilon recognize surface colors and self-luminous objects. The sensors recognize each color in various applications in automation technology, medical packaging, quality control, as well as in painting, surface-labelling and printing technology tasks.For more details pleases download product brochure here. And Data sheet for LT Optical fibresColour sensors emulate human eyes capturing the electromagnetic waves of light reflecting from a surface of an object, and identify different wavelengths as specific colours for monitoring or testing purposes. Colour sensors have two basic types of application: reflected light and transmitted light. Colour sensors project three light elements (red, green and blue) onto the object by a white light LED, and a 3-color filter detector receives the reflected radiation from the testing object where the chromaticity will be calculated and compared with the previously stored reference colours to identify the color of the tested object. Additionally, color sensors are used when there is demand of blocking or reducing the transmission of light (e.g. UV) to avoid deterioration of the products. LT series color sensors with optical fibers consist an electronic controller to which a variety of optical fibre cables can be connected and offer a measurement distance ranges up to 100mm.

With the aid of a modulated white light LED, a spot of white light is projected directly through an optical fiber to the surface being inspected. Part of the light back-scattered from the object being measured is now focused by optical fiber onto a perceptive True Color detector element, sub-divided according to RGB color values and transformed into L*a*b*.

  • Pharmaceutical container monitoring and manufacturing

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