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  • Sealtick TSE6086b | Flexible Package Testing Equipment
  • Sealtick TSE6086b | Flexible Package Testing Equipment

    The Sealtick TSE 6086b is a non-destructive vacuum decay leak testing devices for testing package seal integrity of flexible packaging. The system is housed in a robust, stainless steel chamber for application in production and industrial environment. The test items are manually inserted in the chamber and the handle is closed to initiate a fully automatic test sequence. Results are displayed as a Pass or Fail, along with a quantitative measure of the leakage rate. The results are logged into an importable spreadsheet which can be retrieved via USB or Ethernet interface for quality traceability.

    Package size up to 360 x 300 mm
    Testing rate 3-15 seconds per package
    Resolution 1 Pa/s
    Test results Pass – Fine Fail – Coarse Fail Indicator Lamps Quantitative result on backlit display
    Connection Ethernet, optional USB interface
    Password protection Yes
    Power input 115V or 230V AC
    Compressed air Supply 5-10bar
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