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  • EcoSensor – Wireless Temp./Humidity Data Logger

    Eco friendly wireless temperature and humidity sensors with integrated data loggers are highly sustainable products featuring ultra low power consumption, wireless fully autonomous sensors, various transmission protocols, network supervision / monitoring software open to core business, etc. The EcoSensor wireless system is perfectly for environmental studies and monitoring tasks whilst saving dramatically on technician intervention comparing to wired instruments.

    BeanAir® EcoSensor Series are wireless IR temperature & humidity sensors with integrated data logger that stand out for their ultra-low wireless technology (7yr battery life) and a storage capacity of 1 million data points.

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    Products Measuring ranges Measurement accuracy Sensor accuracy Sensor Technology

    Wireless data logger with integrated temperature sensor
    ONE T
    -50°C to +150°C (std. accuracy) ±0.1..±0.3°C 0.0034 – 0.1°C Silicon temperature probe – Probe watertightness: IP67
    Mechanical assembly type: steel tube

    Wireless temperature & humidity data logger
    ONE TH
    -40°C to +85°C
    0 to 100%RH
    ±0.2°C (0-60 °C) 0.015°C (res.)
    ±1.8% RH (10-80% RH)

    Wireless temperature IR datalogger
    -40°C to +85°C for ambient temperature (Ta)
    -70°C to +380°C for object temperature (To)
    CF.IR Temperature Table 0.02°C (res.) Thermopile

    Wireless pulse data logger
    ONE BN
    0-24V (Low level Input: 0-0.4V / High Level: 2.3-24V) -95.5..-104 dBm (receiver sensitivity) Ultra-low power
    Lithium-thionyl chloride

    Based on inertial MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) technology, BeanAir®’s line of wireless sensors, wireless data acquisition systems allow engineers to build their own architecture of wireless sensor network that enables remote monitoring and control tasks.

    Wireless sensor network gives the option to work away from the measurement sites, collecting and processing data without hassle or potential safety and health hazards. A wireless sensor network is composed of a wireless sensor (integrated with sensor power supply, micro-controller, radio transceiver and a data logger) and a network indoor / outdoor coordinator if required.

    pressure sensor

    BeanAir Sensors work on a network. You will need a sensor (BeanDevice), a coordinator (BeanGateway) and an application (BeanScape) in order to form your network.

    BeanGateway is the network coordinator that coordinates between all the wireless sensors in the data acquisition network and the user work station.BeanAir® Wireless Sensors are based on MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) technology and IEEE808.15.4 &GSM/GPRS wireless stack for platform communications. User can monitor and control the measured physical conditions (e.g. temperature & humidity, vibration, pressure, etc.) from their computer by installing the provided management software.

    pressure sensor

    Suitable remote applications include:


    • Technical building management;
    • Cold chain traceability;
    • Medical lab & white room;
    • Solar panels monitoring;
    • Transport.


    • HVAC;
    • Cold chain traceability;
    • Medical lab & white room;
    • Agriculture & greenhouse;
    • Environment.


    • HVAC;
    • Cold chain traceability;
    • Medical lab & white room;
    • Agriculture & greenhouse;
    • Environment.


    • Railway temperature control;
    • Industrial temperature control of moving parts;
    • Gas detection;
    • Plastic, glass & metal processing;
    • Movement detection;
    • Chemistry & pharmaceutical industry;
    • Automotive diagnosis.

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