Digital Pressure Gauges

Digital Pressure Gauge offers long-term stability in pressure measurement with maximum accuracy and repeatability. This is possible as there is no material fatigue and plastic deformation in the piezoresistive measuring element. The digital pressure gauge is suitable for measuring absolute pressure, gauge pressure, vacuum and differential pressure. Digital manometers also often come with robust housing with standard IP65 and IP66 protection for measurement in harsh industrial environment.

Our digital manometers are available in a wide range of pressure with in various measuring speed, accuracy levels, and intrinsically safe versions. No recalibration is required in the event of damage and calibration can be easily done remotely via software. Recording of the measurement data is also possible for detailed analysis in the control room. Digital pressure gauges are mainly used to measure the continuous pressures in various applications in rail, mining, bulk transportation, military and aviation industries as well as research laboratory where high precision pressure monitoring is desirable.