High Speed Data Acquisition system

Bestech Australia offers compact and robust high precision and high speed data acquisition system suitable for advanced and heavy-duty industrial applications. Our data high speed DAQ system can have up to 64 channels with sampling rate of up to 240 MHz with no multiplexing. Therefore, maximum sampling rate is always available and is independent of the number of channels utilised. The data collected from the hardware is visualized with the universal data acquisition software. The special software is also available for more specific application in the military and ballistic testings. The video recording can also be syncronised with the measurement results which provides a much better interpretation of your experiments.

Our high-end data acquisition system has a high precision measurement of 0.03% and is available in either a compact, portable and a 19-inch rack mounted design to suit a wide range of application requirements. These advanced DAQ systems have been used in for high speed data acquisition in the industry, such as power, automotive, rail, defense and military. Some example of the applications include:

  • Measuring electrical switching effects
  • Monitoring ignition sequences in automobiles
  • Ballistic and explosive testings
  • Vibration and Acoustic analysis