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imc EOS | High speed data acquisition and transient recorder

This compact high speed data acquisition system is suitable for measurement and analysis of fast and dynamic processes. This high-end measurement system accepts input from voltage and current output transducers as well as IEPE sensors for measurement of physical parameters such as acceleration, torque and force. The imc EOS data acquisition system can also be operated synchronously with other imc data acquisition system. These features open possibility for measurement in a wide range of industrial applications such as in blast testing, analysis of switching process on control units, crash test and e-mobility applications.

The imc EOS features four galvanically-isolated precision amplifiers to ensure perfect signal quality even when used in challenging environment. The signal input can be either a BNC or LEMO connection. The acquired signals are digitized with 24 bits and the analog bandwidth extends to 1.8 MHz. The system can attain high speed data acquisition of up to 4 million samples per second per channel. An optional individually configurable sensor supply of 2 Watts per channel is also available for feeding active sensors.

This advanced system is also equipped with an integrated flash memory with up to 1 Terabyte in storage. Therefore, it can be used without a PC. Users can conveniently configure and operate the system remotely via wireless connection network. Data reduction can also be triggered for relevant event. Alternatively, the system can be interface to a PC via the Gigabit Ethernet for real-time visualisation and data transfer.

Similar with all other imc measurement devices, the imc EOS is also available with battery-bufferred uninterruptable power supply (UPS) option or sensor supply modules for high-performance current transducers and current clamps. The system is operated through the imc Studio software which allows full control over the complete measurement process; from channel configuration to the report.

Key features:
  • 4MHz sampling rate per channel
  • 1.8MHz analog bandwidth
  • 4 analog inputs
  • 24-bit ADC resolution
Automotive applications:
  • Turbocharger measurement
  • Motor or transmission measurement and analysis
  • Injection system analysis
  • Crash tests
e-Mobility applications:
  • Power tool test
  • Inverter and switch measurement
  • Power analysis in electric motors for 48V system
Aviation, Aerospace and Defence:
  • Turbine testing
  • Rocket propulsion testing
  • Combustion monitoring
  • Blast and ballistic testing
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