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TraNET FE | Modular high speed data acquisition system

The TraNET FE data acquisition systems are compact, flexible and portable  systems ideal for complex measurement applications in automotive, power station, rail and transport industry. Using a TraNET system, engineers can monitor, test and verify an injection system remotely via LAN. It also features a continuous data recording mode for storing data from long duration of measurement for analysis at later time.

This modular high speed data acquisition system offers up to 8 single ended input channel which can be connected with 4 to 8 channels input cards. This allows measurement of up to 64 channels with a maximum sampling rate of 240MHz in each channel. Up to 16 TraNET system can be synchronized using an optional Sync-Link box

Products Name No of Channel Maximum Sampling Speed (per channel) Features Applications
Modular, Ethernet Based DAQ TraNET FE Datasheet 16 channel SE; 8 channel Diff 2-240MHz
  • Continuous data recording
  • Multi device synchronization
  • Remote control over TCP/IP protocol
  • Stand Alone operation
  • Automotive injection system monitoring
  • Explosive & Ballistic testing
  • R&D
Portable, high-speed data recorder TraNET PPC Datasheet Up to 24 channel SE; 12 Channel Diff Up to 240MHz @ 14-bit resolution Up to 60MHz @ 16-bit resolution
  • Continuous data recording
  • Unique event-controlled recording
  • High precision measurement at harsh enviroment
  • Portable usage for simultaneous multiple channel measurement
  • Ballistics, Acoustic Testing
  • Emission Testing
19-inch rack-mounted DAQ with high channel density TraNET EPC Up to 64 channel SE; 32 channel Diff Up to 240MHz per channel
  • Robust housing
  • Scalable devices
  • Multiple device synchronization with Elsys Synclink box
High precision measurement in industrial environment
  • Automotive injection system monitoring
  • Explosive & Ballistic testing
  • R&D
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