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TraNET EPC | Robust high speed data acquisition system

The TraNET EPC is a robust data acquisition system designed for high speed and high precision measurement in industrial environment. It is featured in a 19'inch rack and available with up to 64 single-ended input channel. The This system is ideally used for simultaneous high-speed measurement applications such as in test and verification of train system, power conversion system, automotive and power plant maintenance. Data can be captured through continuous data recording mode and burst mode without loss of data. The TranAX software is also available for device configuration and post-processing of captured data to analyse complex waveform.

Multiple data acquisition devices can be synchronised using the optional SyncLink SLB-8 with precision of 12.5ns which is much better than GPS or PTP synchronisation. This high precision synchronisation allows the device to transmit and trigger messages to all connected devices in sub-microsecond delays.

Key features:
  • Up to 64 channels of single-ended input
  • High precision 0.03% of FSO
  • Maximum sampling rate of 240MHz
  • Analog / Digital inputs
  • Recording mode: Scope, Multi-block, continuous, ECR
  • Dual sampling rate recording with ECR modes
  • Up to 1.25TB data storage
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