Electrolytic Tilt Sensor

Electrolytic tilt sensor is resistive fluid-based inclinometer that provides a voltage output which value is directly proportional to the tilt angle of the sensor with reference to gravity. An electrolytic tilt sensor generally determines the tilt angle by measuring the resistance of the fluid between multiple electrodes in the sensor. The sensor is usually small, miniature in design and can be mounted onto a PCB for OEM applications. The sensor output is connected to a high impedance op-amp which is connected to the microcontroller’s internal ADC or analog to digital converter.

Electrolytic tilt sensors is popular in a wide range of applications because of their reliability and capability to offer high accuracy measurement at low cost. Our high quality electrolytic tilt sensors are sourced from the Fredericks Company. They are available in three difference measurement range; Narrow Range, Mid-Range and Wide-Range depending on the required applications.

Electrolytic Tilt Sensor Overview