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  • BTM/BTMC series | Bolt strain gauges

    Used for tensile strain measurement of bolt, the BTM/BTMS strain gauges can be easily bonded into the pre-drilled hole in the bolt with exclusive adhesive. This method is developed as an ordinary strain gauge cannot be mounted on the bolt surface. They are available as two models depending on the type of adhesive used for installation; heat curing A-2 adhesive for BTM gauges and fast-curing CN adhesive for BTMC gauges. These gauges are not self-temperature compensated
    Operating temperature: -10oC - +80oC
    Applicable specimen: Bolt
    Temp. compensation materials: N/A
    Temp. compensation range: N/A
    Strain limit: 5000 x 10-6 strain
    Gauge patternModelGauge length (mm)Gauge center (mm)Backing length (mm)Backing Width (mm)Resistance (Ω)
    BTM series1 - 60.7 - 15.6 - 121.4 – 1.7120
    BTMC series0.5 - 35 - 10Φ0.9 – 1.9120
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