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  • EF Series | High temperature miniature strain gauges
  • EF Series | High temperature miniature strain gauges

    The EF series is a miniature foil strain gauge designed for high temperature application with polyimide resin as the backing materials and Ni-Cr alloy as grid materials. These gauges feature small grid pattern for strain measurement on PCB and surface mounted devices. The maximum operating temperature of these gauges are 300oC for single element gauges and 200oC for 2-element and 3-element rosette type gauges.
    Operating temperature: -196oC - +300oC (Single element) / -196oC - +200oC (Rosette)
    Applicable specimen: Metal, Ceramic
    Temp. compensation materials: Mild Steel
    Temp. compensation range: +10oC - +150oC
    Strain limit: 10000 x 10-6 strain
    Gauge patternModelGauge length (mm)Gauge Width (mm)Backing length (mm)Backing Width (mm)Resistance (Ω)
    EFLX series – Single element
    EFLK series – single element with narrow gauge base0.
    EFCA series – 0o/90o 2-element stacked rosette0.20.8Φ3.81.2120
    EFRA series – 0o/45o/90o 3-element stacked rosette0.20.8Φ3.81.2120
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