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SF series: Stress gauges

The SS gauges measure the stress of the specimen in any direction in plane stress field. This is possible as the gauges are sensitive in both axial and transverse direction and they are insensitive of shearing strain. These gauges provide output proportional to the stress measured in the axial direction. The sensitivity ratio of the transverse to axial direction can be represented by the Poisson’s ratio of the specimen.  
Operating temperature : -20oC - +200oC
Applicable specimen : Metal
Temp. compensation materials : mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium
Temp. compensation range : +10oC - +100oC
Strain limit : N/A
Gauge pattern Model Gauge length (mm) Gauge Width (mm) Backing length (mm) Backing Width (mm) Resistance (Ω)
SFA series 4 3 9 6 120
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