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  • PMF series – Mold strain gauges
  • PMF series – Mold strain gauges

    Similar to PM series, the PMF series mold strain gauges are exclusively designed to measure internal strain on concrete and mortar placed under loading test. The PMF series features excellent waterproofing capabilities due to the integration of super engineering plastics as the backing materials for sealing the sensing elements. The gauges are embedded into the measurement position when the concrete or mortar is placed. The PMF strain gauges also available as temperature-integrated version to measure both strain and temperature with the use of data loggers.
    Operating temperature : -20oC - +60oC  
    Applicable specimen : Concrete, mortar
    Temp. compensation materials : N/A
    Temp. compensation range : N/A
    Strain limit : N/A
    Gauge pattern Model Gauge length (mm) Backing length (mm) Backing Width (mm) Resistance (Ω)
    PMFL series – single element 50 – 60 a b c d 120
    60 - 70 Φ8 Φ4 27 - 32
    PMFL-xxT series – integrated temperature sensor 50 - 60 60 - 70 Φ8 Φ4 27 - 32 120
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