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  • PMFLS series – Asphalt mold strain gauges
  • PMFLS series – Asphalt mold strain gauges

    The PMFLS strain gauges are designed for strain measurement on asphalt in loading test such as rolling compaction. It offers superior resistance to temperature and water due to the integration of super engineering plastics as the backing materials. The gauges are embedded into the measurement position on the asphalt and are capable to withstand high temperature up to 200oC in this configuration.
    Operating temperature : -20oC - +60oC  
    Applicable specimen : Asphalt
    Temp. compensation materials : N/A
    Temp. compensation range : N/A
    Strain limit : N/A
    Gauge pattern Model Gauge length (mm) Backing length (mm) Backing Width (mm) Resistance (Ω)
    PMFLS-60-50-2LTSC – 3 wire system 60 a b c d 120
    120 13 7 60
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