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  • MF series: Magnetic field strain gauges
  • MF series: Magnetic field strain gauges

    The MF strain gauges have a sensing element material that exhibits low magnetoresistance for strain measurement in magnetic environment. The sensing elements consists of two identical grids with one grid folded back on another which makes the gauges less sensitive towards magnetic interference. The MF strain gauges also have a pre-attached twisted leadwire that further reduce the magnetic influence. They are usable for measuring at temperature up to 200oC.
    Operating temperature: -20oC - +80oC (single element), -20oC - +200oC (Rosette)
    Applicable specimen: metal, concrete, mortar
    Temp. compensation materials: mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium
    Temp. compensation range: N/A
    Strain limit: 10000 x 10-6 strain
    Gauge patternModelGauge length (mm)Gauge Width (mm)Backing length (mm)Backing Width (mm)Resistance (Ω)
    MFLA series – Single element 2 - 50.54.7 – 7.91.9350
    MFCA series – 0o/90o 2-element stacked rosette20.1 – 0.2Φ 7120 – 350
    MFRA series – 0o/45o/90o 3-element stacked rosette20.1 – 0.2Φ 7120 - 350
    MFLA-60-350 – single element for concrete structure600.1645350
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