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  • WF Series: Waterproof strain gauges
  • WF Series: Waterproof strain gauges

    The WF series is a waterproof strain gauges designed to eliminate the need for moisture-proofing coating, which is undesirable in a field test. The integral vinyl leadwire, leadwire junction and the whole are of the strain gauges are coated with transparent epoxy resin. Bonding these gauges to the structure with either CN or P-2 adhesive, they can be used for short term strain measurement in underwater application. These strain gauges are available in either 2-wire or 3-wire configuration to avoid the effect of resistance change with temperature.
    Operating temperature: 0oC - +80oC
    Applicable specimen: Metal
    Temp. compensation materials: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
    Temp. compensation range: +10oC - +80oC
    Strain limit: 30000 x 10-6 strain

    General purpose single / multi element

    Gauge patternModelGauge length (mm)Gauge Width (mm)Backing length (mm)Backing Width (mm)Resistance (Ω)
    WFLA series3 - 61.7 – 3.217 - 258 - 11120 - 350
    WFCA series – 0o/90o 2-element stacked rosette3 - 61.7 – 2.319 - 2516 - 21120
    WFRA series – 0o/45o/90o 3-element stacked rosette3 - 61.7 – 2.319 - 2516 - 21120
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