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  • FAC series: Crack detection gauges

    The FAC crack gauges are designed with the intention to measure crack propagation speed in a metal specimen. The gauges should be bonded with adhesive on a position where the crack is initiated or to be expected. The grids of the gauges will be disconnected one by one as the crack propagates. They are ideally used in conjunction with CGA-120B crack gauge adaptor and strainmeter to measure the change in strain value. The crack adaptor is supplied with quarter bridge 3-wire connection with resistance of 120Ω.
    Operating temperature : -30oC - +80oC
    Applicable specimen : Metal
    Measuring range (mm) : 4.5 – 20
    Grid interval (mm) : 0.1 – 0.5
    Number of grids : 41 - 46
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