Telemetry System

Telemetry systems are characterized by their digital and interference proof data transmission system and their power supply configuration as well as installation options. The power supply to the transmitter and digital data transmission to the receiver operate based on the inductive principle. It is an advanced system used in research & development (R&D) and production for holistic testing in the automotive, aviation, rail and wind turbine sectors for accurate measurement and transmission of physical data such as torque, temperature, pressure or force.

Bestech Australia offers modern digital telemetry data acquisition systems from imc for measurement on rotating components and moving machinery. Our telemetry solutions cover applications in wide variety of industrial measurement tasks such as single-channel torque measurement on rotating shaft, multi-channel strain measurement, non-contact measurement on vehicle drive-train or temperature measurement on a wheel-set.

Our comprehensive product range includes inductive telemetry system for measuring short distance, radio telemetry system for measurement up to several meters and specialized telemetry solutions featuring imc CAEMAX, 6-component wheel force transducers, wheel torque transducers and steering effort sensors for automotive and vehicle testing. These measurement modules can also interface to typical process and fieldbus system which data can be collected, processed and synchronized in real-time via imc measurement system. The results can be transmitted to the control room or clouds via multiple network options.

Brochure Dx Digital Telemetry Solutions