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DL-Solar A Photovoltaic Solar Energy Trainer

This Photovoltaic solar energy trainer is designed to demonstrate the principle of power generation from solar photovoltaic panels. Students can use this trainer to perform various experiments such as determining the characteristics of a photovoltaic panel and studying its off-grid operation with a battery charge regulator and its on-grid operation with the connection to the mains network.

The DeLorenzo DL-Solar A trainer is equipped with an electric charge & load management regulation module. It includes the Active DC load used in the renewable energy laboratories configurable as constant resistance or constant current. It is also equipped with a DC load module, an inclinable photovoltaic panel and a battery protection module. 

Scope of learning

  • Measuring solar radiation
  • Investigating PV module response to shadow formation
  • Recording the characteristics of solar modules
  • Off-grid system
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