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DL-TM 11 Photovoltaic and Thermal Panels

DL-TM 11 is the Photovoltaic and Thermal Panel training equipment designed for educational institutes to demonstrate troubleshooting for photovoltaic silicon single crystal cells, two photovoltaic cells with series/parallel connection, panel composed of 36 photovoltaic cells and a thermal panel with liquid circulation. It helps students perform their learning activities through a Personal Computer, without needing any other documentation. DL-TM 11 teaching equipment offers the possibility to simulate several values of the solar radiation intensity, photovoltaic cell temperature and the detection of the characteristic voltage-current supplied by photovoltaic systems.  

Scope of learning

  • Measuring solar radiation
  • Measurement of the voltage of the photovoltaic panel at no-load
  • Measurement of the voltage of the panel in overload
  • Regulation and charge of the battery
  • Direct current solar plant
  • Alternate current solar plant
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