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DL Hydrogen A | Hydrogen Fuel Cells Trainer

The DL Hydrogen Fuel Cells trainer from DeLorenzo is designed for educational institutes to enable the theoretical and practical learning of Hydrogen fuel cells. It helps students to understand Faraday’s laws.

The DL-Hydrogen A includes a PEM fuel cell stack 10, an electrolyser, power supply, fuel cell monitor software, hydrogen storage tank, electric load, fan, solar module and two modules with lamps for the solar panel.

Scope of learning

  • Producing and storing hydrogen
  • Determining the characteristic curve of solar panel
  • Voltage-controlled automatic measurements
  • Determining the characteristic curve of the electrolyser
  • Determining characteristic curves of the fuel cell, decomposition voltage of water
  • Fixing the output at different operating points of the fuel cell stack
  • Monitoring single-cell stack voltages at your PC
  • Power-controlled automatic measurements
  • Characterization of a horizontal axis wind turbine with varying number of blades and varying orientation.
  • Turbine interaction with wind tunnel 
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