Laser triangulation sensors

Laser triangulation sensors offer accurate, fast and reliable non contact measurements of distance, displacement, height and length of objects in industrial test and measurement applications. The sensor design is extremely compact and integrated with controller. Therefore, it is suitable for installation and measuring in an area where space is limited and restricted.

Laser triangulation sensors are also available in blue laser or laser line technology for measurements of different surface materials and objects with highly specialized surface. As these non contact laser displacement sensors are also equipped with intelligent interfaces for integration with robots, they are ideal in almost all measurement tasks in industrial automation.

All series of optoNCDT laser displacement sensors feature a plug-and-play module for quick commissioning with just few clicks via a multifunction sensor button. The measurement settings can be preset and customized via the intuitive web interface. It offers convenience and reliability as the settings can be stored and transferred to other sensors via a standard web browser.

Laser triangulation sensors Overview