Laser triangulation sensors

Bestech Australia supplies and supports the application of laser triangulation sensors from Micro-Epsilon for industrial test and measurement tasks. We are an authorized partner of Micro-Epsilon sensor company in Australia and New Zealand.  Laser displacement sensors offer accurate, fast, and reliable non-contact measurements of distance, displacement, height, and length of objects. The measurement is done based on the laser triangulation principle by focusing a laser line on the object. The results are determined by the position where the laser is reflected in the optical system. The sensor design is extremely compact and integrated with a smart controller. Therefore, it is suitable for installation and measurement in an area where space is limited and restricted. Our non-contact laser displacement sensors are also equipped with intelligent interfaces for integration with robots. They are ideal in almost all measurement tasks in industrial automation.

In addition to the conventional red laser technology, we also supply high-resolution sensors based on blue laser technology to accurately measure hot and organic objects and laser line technology for measurements on difficult surfaces and objects with the specialized surface.

Blue Laser Triangulation Sensors

The blue laser triangulation sensors are equipped with a blue laser diode, which opens possibilities for measurement in difficult surfaces where red laser triangulation sensors are not suitable. The blue laser operates at a shorter wavelength and does not penetrate the target surface as deep as the red laser. Therefore, the projected laser to the optical system is more focused, generating more stable and accurate results. In a real-life application, the optoNCDT BL blue laser sensors offer superior reliability and measurement accuracy when used on high-emissivity objects such as red-hot glowing metals. They are also suitable for measuring organics material and semi-transparent objects or any measurement application that requires a high-resolution reading.

Laser Line Triangulation Sensors

The laser line sensor features an oval-shape laser spot with just a few mm in width. It is primarily designed to achieve stable measurements on shiny metals or micro-machined surfaces. With the oval shape laser spot, the laser line sensor can filter interference caused by surface roughness, defects, indentations, and holes. These are typical features of a micro-machined surface. This is combined with a special software algorithm for more precise measurement. These oval shape laser spots enable the users to achieve precise and stable measurement for measurement on structured surfaces. The laser line sensor can also provide stable results even when used continuously.

All series of optoNCDT laser displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon feature a plug-and-play module for quick commissioning and integration. Using this feature, the sensors can be easily set up with just a few clicks via a multifunction sensor button. The measurement settings can be preset and customized via the intuitive web interface. Therefore, it is highly convenient and offers high measurement reliability as the settings can be stored and transferred to other sensors via a standard web browser.

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