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Micro Epsilon optoNCDT 1900 | Laser displacement sensors for advanced automation

The new advanced laser sensor from Micro-Epsilon, optoNCDT 1900, offers a unique combination of high speed, design, and accuracy. These enable the sensor to perform dynamic measurement of displacement, distance, and position in industrial applications. It is fitted with a new mounting system with fitting sleeves, which allow automatic alignment of the sensor to be repeatable in an ideal measuring position. With this new integrated feature, the sensor can be easily replaced and achieve higher precision during measurement.

This advanced laser displacement sensor is equipped with advanced surface compensation algorithms for accurate measurements in high-speed applications and on changing surfaces. It can resist ambient light of up to 50000 lux, allowing it to be used in a strongly illuminated environment. The two-step measurement value averaging feature is also available for optimizing signal during measurement on edges or steps and moving parts.

All these advanced and new features of optoNCDT laser triangulation sensors optoNCDT1900 are ideal for solving measurement tasks in industrial automation, car manufacturing, 3D printing, and machinery.

Key features:
  • Range: 10mm - 50mm
  • 0.02% linearity
  • Adjustable measuring rate between 0.25 kHz to 10kHz
  • Class 2 measuring laser
  • IP67 protection
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