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Micro Epsilon optoNCDT 1220 | Plug and play laser triangulation sensor

The optoNCDT 1220 is a compact, entry-level laser triangulation sensor from Micro-Epsilon designed for measurements of displacement, distance, and position in high volume or OEM applications. This laser displacement sensor can measure at a rate of 1 kHz with high accuracy. The sensor can be easily installed in restricted places because of its extremely compact size and low weight. This enables applications where high acceleration occurs such as on the robot gripper or in an industrial printing machine.

The optoNCDT1220 also has an integrated ATC (Auto Target Compensation)  feature which allows the sensor to provide superior signal stability irrespective of the color or brightness of the target and the stand-off distance. The unit exhibits an excellent price/performance ratio due to its versatility and accuracy.

Key Features:
  • Range: 10 mm - 50 mm
  • Linearity: ± 0.1 of FSO
  • Measuring Rate: max 1kHz
  • Output: Analog 4-20mA
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